Setup your domain

You can setup your website on your domain using the following 2 simple steps:

  1. Create your website and set the domain in zammu to your desired domain, e.g. the blog is hosted on zammu, here is a screenshot of the 'edit site' page: Edit site

  2. This step varies based on your deployment target:

    1. GitHub Pages Naked domain (
      Go to your DNS provider's control panel and create two A records pointing to and You can read more about it at
    2. GitHub Pages or Amazon S3 CNAME (
      Go to your DNS provider's control panel and point your www CNAME record to your zammu subdomain, you can check the zammu subdomain in your site details page, the following is a screenshot of my blog's zammu details page, in my instance I could have pointed to Zammu subdomain

That's it now your website should be up on your domain.